December 4, 2012


The Coming E-Publishing Revolution in Higher Education

By Dr. Frank Lowney | TeleRead

The title of my recently-published book is The Coming ePublishing Revolution in Higher Education, and it’s only readable on an iPad, because it was created with iBooks Author. Why would anyone  restrict their audience that severely? Let me try to explain:

Firstly, everything is a trade-off. If you think that your message really requires a certain format, you accept the consequences, and that is the case here. I develop the premise that an individual subject matter expert can create a rich, interactive e-textbook that is competitive with commercial offerings, and at such low cost that it can be offered to students for free or at very little cost.

I wanted to do more than simply make the claim and try to support it with theory. I wanted the book to be an example, or a proof of concept, if you will. Secondly, my target audience is comprised of the people who influence or make decisions in higher education. These folks either already have an iPad or can easily obtain one for the occasion. Almost every institution of higher education in the U.S. today is at least experimenting with iPads and other mobile devices as educational tools. This is also congruent with the fact that the book is only $0.99. It wasn’t written to generate income; it was written to instigate thought, discussion and debate within these particular circles. Read More...

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