March 10, 2013


Strategy aims to make US students more globally engaged | By Alison Moodie | Image Courtsey of Gary Halvorson

The US Department of Education (DOE) appears to be recognising that a globalised world requires its graduates to have truly global world views and has released, for the first time, an international strategy.

The strategy, Succeeding Globally through International Education and Engagement, aims to prepare American students to succeed in a globalised world, and to improve the US education system, from kindergarten through college, by collaborating with other countries.

Maureen McLaughlin, senior advisor to the secretary of education and DOE director of international affairs, said in a blog entry that the strategy is guided by two main goals: to strengthen the country’s education system, and to advance America’s overseas interests.

“Our interconnected world stage requires us to look outwards as we work to develop globally competent students who can compete for good jobs, work to address global challenges like climate change and health epidemics, as well as support our national security and diplomacy,” she said. Read More...

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